Write Sensational Storylines:  It's All About Plot

When you're writing a romance, novel plot is the main thing that drives the story forward.  A great plot will keep the book interesting, fun for readers, and make them want more.  While a good storyline works to move the story along effortlessly, the lack of a good plot can stagnate the novel and keep readers from wanting to finish it.  The plot is the framework of the story.

How to plot a romance novel is easy when you look at the plot as the framework of the novel.  The plot should not be something that you use to fill in the pages but rather needs to be incorporated through the novel starting on page one.  The plot is the main vehicle by which your story is told.  Once you learn how to plot a romance novel you will be able to write many unique and interesting romance stories. 

There are several main types of plots that you can use when writing your romance novel.  Romantic tension is part of the glue that binds the plot together.  Rich characters that readers can relate to are another necessary element.  There are several plots that are standard for use in a romance novel.  What sets your story apart from others is the way you tell your story and the characters that you give life to. 

Pursuit is one of the main plots that is often used in romance novels.  Pursuit gives the plot some intrigue and can be made as dangerous and mysterious as you want.  Another typical plot theme is rescue.  The main heroine needs to be rescued from a situation and the hero is finally able to rescue her.  Escape is another plot theme that works well in the romance novel.  The heroine needs to escape from some situation or problem and the hero helps her to finally escape.  Adventure is a common romance novel plot.  The couple is involved in some type of escapade that involves adventure until finally the situation is over and they can settle into life happily ever after. 

In fact you can use any plot that you can imagine to involve your romantic novel characters in. Every plot has been used already so just remember that you need to put your own unique spin on it with your own method of storytelling and your own characters.  The characters need to be unique and you need to help them come alive for the readers.  The readers must feel they have invested in the main characters and must care about them.  The plot must evolve using several small obstacles until finally the couple overcomes the biggest problem and can be together. 

Remember that there must be a plot to the romance story.  This is the foundation that the entire story is built upon so it needs to be firmly planted throughout the novel.  You can outline your plot and then fill it in with the romantic features that will help create the storyline.  Once you learn how to plot a romance novel you should be able to comfortably write more romance novels.