Spice it Up: Add a Little Drama to Your Plot

Drama is the spice that makes the book fun and interesting to read.  Without drama your novel will not have enough fuel to keep going.  One of the most common ways to add drama to your romance novel is to use romance novel revenge.  Romance novel revenge is a type of drama that can be used to make the plot more interesting.

Drama is a necessary part of every plot.  Drama is what keeps readers interested in reading the book.  Drama helps move the plot along - creating just the right amount of it will ensure that your readers want to keep reading.  Drama is a necessary element in every romance novel.  While it's true most plots follow a similar format it's the plot that makes them different from one another and makes some romance novels a better read than others. 

One of the best ways to add drama to your story is to write in some romance novel revenge.  Romance revenge can happen when there is a romantic triangle that occurs in the plot.  One of the people ends up being left out and that sets the stage for revenge.  Revenge can add an element of mystery and surprise to the plot.

When adding drama to your plot consider adding characters that are mean or unlikable.  This is a contrast to the main characters that should be very much liked by the readers.  Adding characters that readers don't like adds spice to the plot as these characters interact with the main characters.  People immediately take sides with the main character so the sub-plot of revenge can come into play. 

Add drama to the plot to help move the plot along and add interest to the story.  Don't let the drama overshadow the main plot that is happening in the novel.  There should be some natural drama in the plot, however, to add excitement.  There should be some roadblock or obstacle that the couple faces before they can get together.  The readers should be wondering as they read how the situation would ever be resolved happily.  Then, finally, you can introduce the resolution and the couple can live happily ever after. 

The drama of the story is like the framework that the story sits upon.  Without some drama the story would be boring and predictable.  The plot needs drama to move it though the scenes.  Even romantic comedies need some drama to keep them interesting.  When adding drama to the plot try to keep it manageable.  If you add too much drama to each of the characters the readers can't keep track of everything that is happening.  Instead try to masterfully create a drama that can unfold in a way that involves all the main characters of the novel in one way or another. 

Writing a romance novel can be a fun and rewarding experience.  Learn who your characters are and then allow them to take you through the story of the novel from their points of view.  Keep in mind what their feelings would be during the drama as it unfolds and how they would react at each twist and turn in the book. Finally, create a resolution that is believable for your characters.