Hot Genre:  Cash in on the Scorching Christian Romance Market

One of the hottest genres today is the Christian romance novel.  The Christian romance novel is similar to a typical romance novel with some very big distinctions.  While the formula and plot move along like a true romance novel does, there are some qualities that make it uniquely a Christian romance novel. 

The Christian romance novel uses many references to Christianity and spirituality.  The main character may use prayer or scripture to try to solve problems.  In the Christian romance novel features good values such as love, commitment and marriage.  The characters in the Christian romance novel don't typically have premarital sex.  The key to writing a good Christian romance is to acknowledge that there is physical attraction but stop short of sharing the intimate details. 

The plot and problems between the characters of the Christian romance novel focus on issues of faith, dating and marriage but don't involve situations such as adultery.  Characters use faith to help them resolve the issues.  They usually seek guidance from God when trying to overcome the problems that they face.  Sometimes the characters can see how they went wrong when they turned away from religion.

The Christian romance novel isn't unrealistic.  The plots usually allude to the situations that are happening but stop short of actually taking the reader into the bedroom.  The plot needs to be written in such a way as to leave the sex up to the reader's imagination.  Many readers enjoy this type of action better than other more explicit scenes that can be embarrassing.  When you leave some of the details up to the imagination it allows the reader to infuse her own beliefs into the plot and make the characters more real to her. 

The Christian romance novel is becoming more and more popular even among those who are not regular churchgoers.  The idea of having a more ethical and moralistic plot is a wonderful change of pace from many of the more mainstream graphic romance novels.  Publishers are finding out that explicit sex may not sell as many books as those that have a well-rounded plot and interesting characters yet that don't need to focus on sex.

In some ways writing a Christian romance novel is harder than writing a typical romance because much of the action needs to be implied.  The reader needs to be brought to a certain point and then allow her own imagination to complete the action.  It takes skill to craft such a novel.  When writing a Christian romance novel focus on the plot and characters just as you would any novel.  Take extra care to develop the characters as Christians to instill Christian values and actions into their lives. 

Of course just because the characters are Christians doesn't mean that they don't have the same types of problems as characters in traditional romance novels.  They may face all the same types of situations but handle them from a Christian point of reference.  The novelist needs to think about what the characters would do in certain situations.  For example they may pray for assistance or may seek the church for help.  They may turn to specific scriptures in the Bible.  These ideas need to be incorporated into the Christian romance novel.