Hot Genre:  Cash in on the Mysterious Gothic Market

Gothic romance is a type of romance novel that involves the supernatural and mystery.  The characteristics of a gothic romance novel are numerous.  Often the novel has a dark setting – many times they are set in medieval ruins or in castles.  Another of the characteristics of the gothic romance novel is that they have a sense of horror in them.  The plot is usually a typical romance that has additional features that make it a gothic romance.  The gothic romance was originally very popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and is enjoying a resurgence in popularity today. 

The gothic romance was made popular during a time called the Romantic Movement.  The characteristics of a gothic romance novel of the time usually included some type of mystical or mysterious forces.  The hero is usually involved in a passionate yet mysterious plot, which may involve terror and evil. 

The key to writing for the mysterious gothic market is to use the elements that readers of this genre have come to love.  While there is romance at the core of the novel, it is shrouded by mystery and sometimes the supernatural.  There are dark places in the novel and there could be evil and horror.  There should be a sort of mystery that weaves through the novel. 

One of the characteristics of a gothic romance novel is that the main character is often filled with melancholy and emotion.  The plot needs to build to incorporate suspense and mystery that is intertwined with touches of evil or mysterious forces.  The plot should proceed as other romance plots where there is a problem that must be overcome in order for the two lovers to be together.  The problem may revolve around terrifying mysterious forces or horror.  

The setting of the novel will add to the mysterious elements.  Choose a setting that is inherently eerie.  Many times the setting is an old castle or a haunted house.  Where you place the characters will allow you to set up all types of supernatural or mysterious events throughout the plot.  Many readers enjoy as much strangeness as you can put in.  If there aren't enough of the typical characteristics of a gothic romance novel the book may not be successful in either the gothic romance or romance genres.  

To write a good gothic romance you may need to understand this type of genre very well. Read plenty of gothic romances to take notes about the characteristics of a gothic romance novel.  Use as many options as you can to place these elements into the plot as the book progresses.  A dark mysterious undertone to the romance novel will help create the gothic novel you are looking for.  Remember that in all romance novels there needs to be a plot that runs through the entire novel and the characters need to be interesting and endearing.  The many subplots that run through the novel can contain many of the mysterious or dark elements that are so famous in the gothic romance novel.