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Welcome to Secrets of a Great Romance, a website devoted to helping you write an absolutely unforgetable romance novel! If you love romances, you probably don't need me to tell you that romance fiction now makes up more than half of all mass-market novels sold, with over 2,000 new titles released each and every year! If you've ever finished a great romance and thought, "Hey, I could write one of these!" there has never been a better time than the present to fulfill your dreams.

Throughout this site, you will get a greater understanding of what it takes to write a great romance--how to create unforgettable characters, write love scenes that leave your readers breathless, and create a plot that keeps them turning the pages all night.

Whether you consider yourself an experienced author or a writing novice, your novel will benefit enormously from these "tricks of the trade," insider knowlegde that will quickly move you from blank paper to the best-seller list!

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  • Much, much more!

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